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​Flight Volunteer Program   

If you are flying home from a vacation abroad, consider giving a rescue dog a lift to a new life. Animal-welfare organizations, like us, are always looking for travelers to help transport pups to North America for adoption.


We at Northern Lights Animal Rescue will handle all of the arrangements. You just have to show up at the airport, present some documents at your final destination and then call it a good-deed day.

Flight Volunteers/travel companions play an important part in our rescue operation.

Flying with the dogs will not cost you anything as we pay for all expenses (flight ticket of the dog, crate etc), take care of all the medical costs and arrange all the required flight paperwork. 


​​Help make a difference and register as a flight volunteer or foster home!
We are specifically looking for more foster homes around the NY, NJ, PA, SFO, and LA areas but any volunteer effort will be greatly appreciated and would help us out alot!


Thanks for submitting!

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