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Story by Yan on 9/11/2019


Sophie, (Chinese name: Ha Mei), is about 2-3 years old and 19 kg (41 lb). She is beautiful Husky and has been spayed and vaccinated.


When she was rescued on July 29, 2019, she had pneumonia which made her cough really bad and she had mucus dripping from the side of her mouth. She was only 14 kilograms (31 lbs) at the time. If it wasn’t for her fur covering her body, she would have looked like a skeleton. She was too weak to stand and eat. She was simply lying in a cage without moving. After the vet took her body temperature and confirmed that she was free of rabies, she got IV fluids right away. The vet asked whether I could buy some nutritious paste, which is easier to digest. I quickly asked the volunteers in Beijing to help me buy and deliver some big bags of quality dog food and ten cans of nutrient paste to the vet. It was cheaper to buy from outside sources than from the vet. Our group is always trying to save as much money as possible to rescue more animals.


Sophie is a tough and lucky girl. After IV fluids for a week. She was getting better every day. She could stand up and she developed an appetite! My pocket is getting thinner each day, while her appetite is getting better each day! When I saw her again on August 30, a month after, she was a completely different dog! Although still skinny, she gained some weight.


Ever since she was rescued, she was kept in a cage and no one walked her. Dr. Cao said that her temper was not good. In her defense, who would be in a good mood if they were locked in a cage every day?


So, I decided to walk her. I took out two leashes that I carried with me at all times, and carefully placed one on her. She didn't understand what I was doing and turned around to bite me. I asked Dr. Cao to go out and leave only the two of us in the room. I waited patiently for her to calm down. Gently, I placed the leash on her again, but she wouldn't let me put on the second leash. She stared at me with an intense gaze. I avoided direct eye contact with her and tried to put on the leashes again. She kept refusing so I waited to see how long she could go without doing her business. After about ten minutes, I finally put on both leashes and was ready to take her out. No matter how hard she struggled, I wouldn’t let her go. When we got under the sun, she was really shocked and mesmerized at the same time. She hadn’t walked in the sun for a long time! She peed while walking, and couldn't wait to run. It was a very hot day—33 degrees Celsius. She kept pulling me and started running faster and faster. People were staring at me funnily. Imagine, a sweaty middle-aged woman carrying a big cloth tote, with crazy hair, getting dragged by a husky. There was no way to stop Sophie. Oh well, I was on a diet anyway! At least I could eat a bit more that night!


Eventually, Sophie slowed down and started panting. I quickly gave her water. Instead of drinking the water, Sophie put her dirty foot in the bowl and stirred it twice. The water became dirty so I dumped the water out and gave her new water. When she saw me dumping the water out, she wanted to bite me. I quickly lifted the water bottle to show her that I was pouring some freshwater. Again, she put her dirty foot in the water, making the water muddy again. I couldn’t stop her the 2nd time and I didn’t have any water left. She drank more than half of the water. Then she looked at me nicely. I wish I could have spent more time with her but I had to take her back to the vet because I needed to walk the other rescue dogs.


On Aug 31st, I went to the vet early. This time, Sophie knew what was going on. As soon as I opened the cage door, she ran to me and waited for me to put on the leashes to walk her.


Sophie is actually very friendly. When she was a stray, she must have had to fight badly to be able to survive on the street. She didn’t like it when people tried to move her food, but if you added water and food, she understood your intentions. Some people think that huskies aren’t that smart but Sophie is actually really smart. She does not bully small dogs nor does she fight with other dogs.

Sophie just arrived ON, Canada on 9/29/2019 and is living with her foster family.  Let's find Sophie a forever home.