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He was found near a vacant construction site, seemingly waiting for his owner to come back. We think his owner was a construction worker who left NiuNiu behind when the project concluded. When he was initially rescued, he had a terrible skin infection and was too weak to put weight on his legs. He had to be kept in the hospital for months for his skin to return to its normal state. 

He's clearly had a tough life and is ready for somebody to finally show him the sort of love he's been missing out on. We hope somebody out there will care for this sweet boy.


He's much healthier now, after spending an extended period of time being fostered by a compassionate volunteer. He's now able to handle leashed strolls. NiuNiu is eagerly waiting to be adopted. 

He's approximately seven years old and weighs eighteen pounds. He's potty trained, vaccinated, and neutered. He loves being the center of his humans' attention. He doesn't really enjoy socializing with other animals so he'd probably be happiest in a household with no other pet besides him. 

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