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Volunteer's and Yan's Story, Little Grass:

"Little Grass was founded by the granddaughter of a volunteer. The little girl had found the puppy inside of a dumpster. At the time, Little Grass was only two months old and seemed too frail to survive much longer. Her name was meant to give all of us emotionally invested some hope that the animal would beat all the odds. It refers to an old Chinese saying, "No prairie fire can destroy the grass. It shoots up again when the spring breeze blows." 

A British shelter immediately agreed to take Little Grass in, provided we could figure out how to bring this frail creature across seas painlessly. I ran into some difficulties with finding a flight volunteer but eventually there was somebody willing to fly with her from Guangzhou to as far as Germany where I was for work. From there, we'd try to somehow get her to England where the shelter was. Little Grass was accompanied by another NL Animal Rescue dog, LongLong. The two formed a close-knit bond very quickly. When LongLong was adopted, I could see that Little Grass was very lonely. I became even more determined to find this girl a home.


This is the little girl who found Little Grass in a dumpster. She helped her grandmother take care of the dog.

For the time being, Little Grass busied herself with exploring my home. This was the first time she was experiencing the liberating pleasures of running through expansive fields of grass. She was curious about everything, whether it was a bird or a rock. Indoors, she tried to befriend my two personal pets Maomao and Bajie. While it took a while for the three of them to sniff one another out, eventually they were able to all play together like one happy family. Their favorite game was the chasing game. Little Grass was able to outrun my dogs with ease because her legs were longer and more muscular. 


Little Grass can finally run freely.

At the end of June, I had to go back to Guangzhou for a few days. The night before I left, I drove 300 kilometers to bring Little Grass to a volunteer in Amsterdam. The week was difficult for the both of us. Little Grass was beginning to become exhausted from the constant uprooting and I had troubles with some of my other rescues who wouldn't stop quarreling. Then the most joyful thing happened at the end of the week: I found a family for Little Grass!


This is Little Grass at volunteer’s home at Amsterdam.

The adopting family was in Germany. I was unable to have any sort of formal parting interaction with Little Grass because I had another puppy I needed to bring to their new home that had already had to suffer through twenty hours of turbulent transportation.


Interestingly enough, Little Grass's new home was in the same district as Erhei's (a former NL Animal Rescue dog). The two of them became fast friends. Erhei is quite calm whereas Little Grass is always excitable and jumpy. Their contrasting energy levels balances them out perfectly. Their owners allow them to have playdates everyday. It is a huge relief to watch videos sent from both their forever families of Little Grass and Erhei spending time together. Seeing my rescues live wonderful lives is the only reward I need for my efforts.


Erhei patiently waits for his turn with the bone. Little Grass doesn't appear to be giving it up anytime soon though. 

Little Grass was very lucky to have been discovered by that little girl who'd also end up caring for the baby puppy for several months. 

I feel so fortunate to have had my paths cross with Little Grass. She had literally everything going against her and yet she beat the odds of survival. Not only did she make a complete recovery, she also grew stronger and faster. Seeing my fur babies go onto better lives is the best feeling in the world."


Little Grass has a good appetite. She eats everything, even plain toast is so delicious to her.

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