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Volunteer's Story: Little Grass

"Little Grass was found by the granddaughter of a volunteer who rescued another dog “Strawberry”. This little girl found her by the dumpster and took her home. At that time, Little Grass was only two months old and we were not sure if she could survive. I named her “Little Grass after a saying in Chinese: “No prairie fire can destroy the grass. It shoots up again when the spring breeze blows". I hope she can be as strong as grass and grow up healthy. Once I learned about the situation of Little Grass, I immediately picked her up. A British shelter heard about her and immediately agreed to accept Little Grass. It took a lot of trouble to find a flight volunteer. Finally, there was someone willing to fly her from Guangzhou to England in the middle of June. I started to prepare her for the trip. Unfortunately, the flight volunteers later said that they could not bring her. I did not want her to continue to be caged and decided to ask another volunteer to her to Germany first. Then we will try to get her from Germany to England. When I received Little Grass and LongLong (another rescue) at the Amsterdam Airport on June 7, the volunteer said that Little Grass was very well behaved. She has been in a courier bag for over 15 hours. Once I got home, I immediately let them out. Little Grass and LongLong really bonded. They went everywhere together.  Later, I sent LongLong to a adopter and came back to see that Little Grass was very lonely. I had to find a home for the sweet girl. 

This is the little girl who found her. She helped her grandma walk the dogs and clean the cages every day.

Little Grass stayed at my house for the time being. She was able to run freely on the grass which made her very excited. She was curious about everything. Whether it was a bird or a flower, she must ponder it. She smelled everywhere. If she was especially curious, she would start to dig. If I scolded her for digging, she would run out of the fence and try to escape.

When she got home, she would try to play with Maomao and Bajie (my own pets). Bajie did not look at her. When he was happy, he would let her smell him. Little Grass wiggled her tail and asked him to play with her. I also asked Maomao to play with her.  After all, she was a guest and deserved hospitality. Maomao looked at me and understood. He decided to play with Little Grass. The two played the chasing game. Bajie finally joined too. Little Grass had the longest legs and could run faster than the other two.

Little Grass can finally run freely.

At the end of June, I had to go back to Guangzhou for a few days. The night before I left, I drove 300 kilometers and sent Little Grass to a volunteer in Amsterdam. Oh, the poor kid knew that she had to change places again. In Guangzhou, I stayed a few days. I brought Erheiniang, Xiaohuang, Dahei, Xiangzi, and Niuniu (other rescues) home from the clinic for a week.  That was a very tense week. These few hairy children quarreled all the time. Any friendship in the past disappeared. Then a joyful thing happened at the end of the week: I found a family for Little Grass!

This is Little Grass at volunteer’s home at Amsterdam.

On July 6th, I returned to Amsterdam to pick up Little Grass and Huahua (another rescue). When Little Grass saw me at the airport, she didn't recognize me at first. Once she realized who I was, she rushed to let me hug her. I drove directly from Amsterdam Airport to the adopting family in Germany. I told them her habit and what they need to pay attention to her. I had to leave right away since Huahua has already been on the road for over 20 hours.


Little Grass and Erhei went to homes very close to one another, in the same district.  The two of them play together everyday. Erhei is a gentleman.  Little Grass is very enthusiastic. It is a huge relief to watch videos of the two of them spending time together (sent in by their new forever families). I am so happy to see them finally have a good life now.

Erhei waits for his turn of the bone patiently.

Little Grass is very clever. When she was in Amsterdam, she learned to open the door to the yard where she likes to play. When Little Grass was at my house, she recognized it very quickly. She always waited patiently for me to unlock the front door, never trying to run away. When I took her on strolls, she always stayed where I can see her. The only problem was that she had a desire to mark her territory. Wherever Maomao and Bajie are, she will always pee there and refuse to listen to my scolding.

Little Grass has a good appetite. She eats everything, even the breakfast bread is so delicious to her.

Little Grass was very lucky to have been rescued by that little girl who would take care of her for nearly three months. Now, I feel very fortunate to have found her a home not too far away from me. I feel as though she is still with me."