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Yan's rescue story - Desperate for Help

"At the end of May, I rescued six stray dogs in Beijing's Xisanqi area. One of the black dogs was fortunate enough to be adopted by a family near the pet hospital, leaving five. By the end of last week, all of the necessary vaccines and sterilizations have been completed. Dr. Cao said that he could transfer them to the foster home. I contacted a Beijing-recognized rescue base in Beijing, ready to go there and wait to go abroad if we could them new families.


When I find an adopter, I can introduce them in great detail. At the same time, based on the interactions with the adopters, I can basically judge whether they are suitable adopters. After I landed in Beijing, I went directly to the hospital. I played with the five fur children for a while, understood their disposition, photographed and documented their height and weight, etc. I also made an arrangement for them to transfer to the rescue base I contacted earlier. That base was opened by a young man. He is a reliable rescuer. He said that the dogs rescued by the rescue groups can be placed at his base after the dogs passed the quarantine period. He only received 200 yuan of foster care per month, and the 200 included the meal. This relieved my financial burden and is much lower than the foster care costs in the hospital. With such help, my heart is much lighter. After dealing with this matter, my friends and I went to dinner together. I was very grateful for this kind young man. My friend received a message and said that several dogs were rescued and put in a small courtyard. The people who rescued them didn’t buy any dog food. My friends were asked if we could help to buy some dog food. We made an appointment and we set off this morning. To be honest, I don't know where we were going. Anyway it took us more than an hour to go to the countryside in the middle of a large piece of corn yard in a suburb of Beijing. After entering it, it was hard to describe what I saw. It was like hell, so terrible and so miserable. At least these dogs here are luckier than those that end up in the slaughterhouse and the dog meat festival. They are still alive. The people there take me to see the dogs, and the tears ran down my face immediately when I saw them. Is that still a dog? Still a life? One couldn't even move, stuck in mud, and another could barely see. Another stood shivering in silence.

I pulled my friend aside and told him that I wanted to take away these dogs to Dr. Cao. The friend looked at me suspiciously, and I said it again. He said that you had to think about it. This is a lot of money. Let's just leave the dog food. I said that such a dog would not be able to survive if they were not sent to the hospital right away. Some of the cages were completely under the sun in the afternoon, and there was no place to hide. It was over 100 degrees every day. The dogs lay there helplessly and stretched out their tongues and gasped.


We borrowed a few cages from them and quickly pulled six of them to the doctor.


We arrived at the hospital.  it was already 7 o'clock in the evening. All the people in the clinic came out to help. Each dog got basic vital checkups. One had canine distemper with 103 degrees fever. The other one had a fever reaching almost 106 degrees. The other one had severe anemia and needed a blood transfusion immediately.  The two others were suffering from severe malnutrition. All of them were not sterilized. All needed to stay in the hospital for treatment. When we were ready to leave the hospital, Dr. Cao said that the cost would be far more than the last five dogs in Xisanqi. Those five dogs were comparatively healthier. They just needed some basic work done such as shaving, bathing, sterilization, vaccine and proper nutrition.

After we came out, my friend sent me back to the hotel to have dinner together. After a busy day, we barely had time to eat anything. The atmosphere was very dull when we were eating. All three of us were still thinking about those poor dogs. In the end I couldn't help but say “Let's go there again tomorrow. There are still a few who don't look so good. Let’s get them to the hospital. I will leave the ones to look healthy and strong.” The friend put down the chopsticks and gave me a look. Finally, he joked, "You should eat quickly and eat more. After eating, let's see which bank we can rob.”


The next day is another story. We did go back there and rescue another 21 dogs out of those terrible conditions. I really don’t know how I’m going to come up with the money to save all of these dogs. Any help is appreciated."