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Yan’s Rescue Story, Andy: 

“I first met Andy when he was around eight months old -so basically a baby. Nobody was able to tell that he was a pure-bred white Poodle because his fur was dreadfully matted and dirty.  

I kept the little guy in my home at Guangzhou since he was still too young to simply leave at the clinic. It took a while for him to understand the concept of “no peeing indoors” but eventually he learned by following the example of my personal pets. Andy is very energetic and loves to play. His favorite party trick is jumping around in a circle. He‘s very buoyant, as evident in how high and how long he can leap. He’s able to fraternize with other dogs but also needs opportunistic for alone time. 

After months of waiting, a rescue agency in the United Kingdom connected Andy with a permanent home. On July 4th, Andy flew to Beijing where he stayed at a foster home for two days to recuperate. On July 6th, Andy arrived at the Amsterdam Airport with the help of a flight volunteer. After spending hours in the air, Andy was placed in a van to switch things up. It stopped to rest every two hours so the dogs onboard could drink water and stretch their legs. Andy and other newly adopted rescues were traveling via van because pets weren’t allowed to fly directly into the United Kingdom. This transportation regulation is why sending a dog to a UK family specifically is more expensive and hard to arrange than sending one to the United States, Canada, or most other countries in the European Union. 


Poodles have been a popular aspect of British culture for centuries because they’re the living embodiment of sophistication and culture. When Andy met his new family, he was immediately showered with adoration. I received countless photos and videos from the excited family of their latest addition to the household. All of us at Northern Lights Animal Rescue are positively joyous that Andy has found his family.” 

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