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Yan's rescue story - Andy's Journey

"We believe that when Andy was young, about 3-4 months old, he was homeless for a while. Nobody could tell that he was a pure-breed white poodle because his fur was dreadfully matted and dirty. When I first saw him, he was about eight months old and he wasn’t house-trained—he was doing his business wherever and whenever he wanted. At my home in Guangzhou, I walked him several times a day but he would never understand that this was the time to do his business. After the walk, Andy would play with the other rescue dogs indoors as well as go to the bathroom. All of my other rescue dogs, even the one with a limp, knew to go to the balcony to do their business, except Andy. Even then, I never gave up on him. Then, in April, he finally started to understand proper unloading procedure. 


Andy is very energetic and loves to play. He also loves to jump in a circle. It’s nearly impossible to restrain him from jumping so high! He’s very good with other dogs but still likes to keep his distance sometimes. 


Finally, after several months, a rescue agency in the UK found him a permanent home. On July 4th, Andy and Huahua (another rescue dog) flew to Beijing together where they rested for 2 days at a foster home. On July 6, Andy arrived at the Amsterdam Airport with a flight volunteer. In a hurry, I was only able to hug Andy quickly before he jumped into the van bringing him to England. 


The van that brought Andy to the UK had air conditioning, beds, and pillows. It stopped to rest every two hours so the dogs could drink water and go on a quick walk. Since pets couldn’t directly fly to the UK, they would fly to Amsterdam or Paris and then get transported by car. That’s why the cost of sending a rescue dog to the UK is much more expensive than that to travel to the United States or Canada or other countries in the European Union. 


British people loved poodles, especially those as beautiful as Andy! In Britain, it only took a week to find a loving family for Andy. After 3 days of Andy being with his new family, we received photos and videos. We were assured that he found his perfect and permanent home, and we are so happy for him!"