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Yan's Rescue Story - A Mei



"Because I often have to commute back and forth between China and Germany, I have no choice but to leave the dogs at the clinic. When I returned to visit Amei again on August 31st, she was almost unrecognizable. She was small, skinny, and her hair was short. I took out my phone and quickly scrolled through her pictures taken on June 28th, back when I first brought her to Dr. Cao’s Clinic. It was as though she was a completely different dog.


I cleaned her eyes with a disinfectant wipe, but the discharge from the eyes had completely hardened, almost into a petrified substance the size of peanuts. Discarding the residue on the ground made an audible thump. I looked into her ears over and was shocked because of a putrid smell emanating from inside. Though she had only been a few months in the clinic, it was obvious that no one had checked the inside of her ears. I used four more pieces of disinfectant wipe to clean out her ears and then asked the vet to check for inflammation and infection. Using hemostatic forceps, the vet pulled clumps of dark hair out of her ears.  I asked the vet to check the ears of the other 10 rescued dogs that were currently living there. For the next 2 hours, I helped with cleaning these dogs. My heart sank when the thought of the other 6 dogs rescued in XiSanQi not long ago could be in a similar situation.


Back on the day of Amei’s rescue, the hair over the entire body was heavily disheveled and her legs were injured. She had scars from old wounds that already scabbed over. I couldn’t believe she was locked up with another puppy and a German Shepard at the time. The two puppies were both terrified, hiding behind a wooden board that stood against a wall. The German Shepard was so much larger than both of them! With a dog so big, the puppies did not feel safe. I took both of them out and named the girl Amei and the boy Abiao. Although Amei squirmed, screamed and struggled, I brought both to Dr. Cao’s clinic. An antibody test and canine test were performed. Fortunately, there was only skin trauma, malnutrition, and paralysis; all curable if proper treatment is given for at two months.


Amei has been getting much better, almost recovered from the treatment for paralysis. The biggest cost of helping stray dogs is the cost of treatment. The lower end can be a few thousand Chinese Yuan to the high end which can be as much of tens of thousands of Chinese Yuan. I was terrified to see the bill at the end of each month. It was like a time bomb in my hand which would explode at any second, but that detonation is nothing when I look into Amei’s eyes and hold her little paw. It will not be the end of the world if I eat nothing but porridge every day now.


After I left Amei, I visited three other rescued dogs in the same clinic. Then I rushed to XiSanQi to see those other 6 rescues.


On September 1st, I went back to Dr. Cao’s clinic as soon as it opened. I wanted to spend more time with those rescued dogs to know them better so that I could provide more information to the families that would give them a sweet home. As soon as I opened the cage Amei’s paw reached out to me. She looked me in the eye, instantly recognizing and hoping for my attention. I was ecstatic to hold her feeling her warmth and happiness. For the first time, I noticed her blue eyes and white long hair, a beautiful combination.


Dr. Cao said I can take Amei out for a walk today since she is recovering well from the surgery. I took Amei out of the cage and walked together with a poodle, another rescue. Walking two dogs together will give both more time staying outside and enjoying the sunshine. The two of them squinted their eyes in the sun and looked around curiously. They were so well behaved!


They both relieved themselves for what seemed like forever. When they finished I sat them down for a photo. Amei is so sweet. She sat and laid down close to me with her paw out. I held her as she turned her head away. She was still a little frightened. Despite this she nudged my knee with her little head. She was trying very hard to please me although she was still somewhat fearful. Tears filled my eyes.  Amei is such a sweet thing. She knew that I cleaned her eyes and ears yesterday. Once she saw me today, she put out her paw again knowing I wouldn’t hurt her.


Amei didn’t deserve what had happened to her. She deserves a happy family; a family that not only provides her food and warmth but also the love she deserves.


I had to rush back the clinic to look after the other rescues. Both dogs seem to understand and went peacefully back into their cages, watching me taking the other two rescues out for a walk. I told them within two weeks this would be over. Soon we would find them a home where they can be free to run in the yard while waiting for a family to adopt them. My dear babies, Mama promised you I will work hard to save enough money to bring you to a new home!"