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A Xing is 1.5 years old. He was found on the streets of China.  He was thin with multiple injuries on his face and his head. He seemed extremely exhausted when we found him. Now he is healthy, vaccinated, chipped, dewormed and neutered. He is very gentle, friendly and plays well with other dogs. He walks very well with the leash. 

Yan's Story: A Xing


"In the afternoon on April 9th, I was exhausted. I wanted to lie down and rest but went to the market anyway to buy food. My two rescued dogs NiuNiu and XiangZi didn’t have any vegetables for the next day.  Usually, I cook pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables to mix with the dog food for them. Sometimes they get apples and pears. Because their stomachs are sensitive and NiuNiu has skin problems, I have to avoid feeding them meat though I try to feed them more vitamins to make up for this.

Just before I entered the market, I saw a frail black dog limping around slowly. He was as skinny as a piece of paper. There were two bus-stops full of people, yet nobody seemed to notice him.  I followed him. He looked at me and turned to step towards me with small steps. I was very careful to not look directly at him. He was obviously afraid, and I didn’t want to scare him away.

I walked closer to him. He didn’t run. I took some ham out of my bag and offered it to him. He smelled it and looked at me. I tore it into smaller pieces and put it on the ground. He devoured it. I gave him some more. This time he ate it directly from my hand.

I put on a pair of cotton gloves and slowly pet his head. He recoiled slightly but let me touch him. I then gently scratched behind his ears and he seemed to enjoy it. I whispered to him and fed him another piece of ham. As he ate I quickly pulled out a rope and leashed him.

Now he became a bit frightened. He backed up a little, stopped eating and tried to avoid me. I continued to caress his head while holding the leash, told him not to be afraid and I would not hurt him.  He looked at me cautiously, but with such gentle eyes; full of helplessness and hesitation. Without a second thought, I put another rope around him, so he wouldn’t be able to run off.

Without realizing it, we had already walked a few blocks away from the vegetable market. That put an end to my vegetable shopping.  I took him directly home.

As the light turned green I walked him across the street. He had his head down and struggled, but unable to get away from my two ropes. When we arrived, the security man greeted me “Auntie, you picked up another stray dog, huh? “ I waved my hand and responded, “Call me sister, as I told you many times!”

NiuNiu and XiangZi ran over curiously and cautiously to our new guest. NiuNiu is very gentle, usually hides behind things and never causes trouble.  XiangZi is easy going and always shares his space with other dogs.   Both NiuNiu and XiangZi were intrigued by the new dog. I didn’t have time to take him to the clinic for a checkup, so I put him in a room with water and dog food, closed the door and left.

When I returned that evening, I was scared that I could not see him from the window. The thought that he might have jumped out from the window and escaped frightened me. When I went into the room and took a closer look, I found him snugly curled up on the bed. After I took him to the bathroom and bathed him, I decided to name him A Xing.  Xing means “star” in Chinese.

A Xing is around 1 year old and his body was very malnourished. His skin clung to his skeleton and his ribs were visible.  He has wounds and cuts all over and there were quite a few bald patches. His left hind leg was lifted in the air and he didn’t want me to touch it. He had skin diseases, although it didn’t look serious.  His teeth were very white. A Xing is black in color but there are areas where his black hair is not dark. I do not know if this is due to his malnutrition, but anyway, leg injuries and severe malnutrition needed to be taken care of immediately.

His spirit returned after the bath. He was very sweet and didn’t make any noise. I took him out to play with NiuNiu and XiangZi, but A Xing was shy and hid behind me at first. I took ahold of him, put him on the sofa and sat next to him. That sofa later became his favorite place.

A Xing was well behaved and didn’t bark at all. When I went to work I still put him in a room by himself. I heard him crying after I left. When I came back home, he would always sit next to me and “talk” to me.

When A Xing became more familiar with the surroundings, I no longer put him in a separate room when I left home. He would always go to his spot on the sofa every day when I said goodbye to him and still be there when I came back. He never urinated in the house. Unlike XiangZi and NiuNiu who would go to the balcony to relieve themselves, A Xing would wait for me to take him out. Then he would relieve himself for long periods of time. Afterward, he would quietly walk beside me. I believe he may have been trained at some point. He is also very well behaved in front of other dogs as if those dogs were just a cloud passing by.

One day I was out with A Xing walking along a busy intersection. There was an old man happily walking towards us swinging his bag with a Baozi (steamed meat bun) inside. The bag was swinging back and forth wildly. The moment we passed each other A Xing somehow managed to eat the Baozi out of the bag in one gulp. Then he just kept walking as if nothing had happened. The old man realized his Baozi was gone a few moments later and was curiously looking around for it. A Xing just kept walking, poker-faced expression, marching forward as if nothing had happened. I wondered, had I taken a specially trained Secret Agent home?

On April 21st I had to leave Guangzhou for a week and had to leave A Xing in a small kennel in Dr. Ye’s clinic. When I took him home a week later, he jumped right onto the sofa to his spot and comfortably laid there. A few days later, I took more rescues home. A Xing got along very well with the other dogs.  Not only did he never bully the other small dogs, but he also accompanied other dogs to play.

Although A Xing is still thin, he has completely recovered from his injuries and the skin problems have also been taken care of.  Eventually, I had to leave him to Dr. Ye on a more regular basis to take care of more rescues. I visited A Xing often and he would come home to stay with me when I had space. I found out that A Xing would bark at other dogs occasionally when I walked him, something he didn’t do in the past. Most of the time, however, he was still very quiet and walked very close to me.

A Xing needs a home to love him and cherish him. He is a sweetheart deserving of love and happiness!"